Digital Tech 100 Awards 2023

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In this growing digital world of ours, we face a future of immense possibilities. With every passing year, new technologies and services are emerging over the horizon. As digital technologies become the cornerstone of our daily activities, Governments, businesses and individuals must adapt to this new reality. Kenya has embarked on its digital transformation journey, to ensure that the digital economy benefits become our reality and it is our hope that all of Africa will walk this journey too. Kenya’s digital tech sector is well established compared to most of its peers in Africa, this has been the cumulative result of the key players in the sector

The Top 100 Digital Tech Companies Awards (Digital Tech 100 ) (formerly Digital Tech Excellence Awards)  are meant to provide a platform through which the outstanding corporates in the provision of digital tech-based solutions will be recognised and publicly celebrated. This is aimed at boosting their corporate image in the light of their potential clients and enhancing the business opportunities.

Why Participate?

  • Boosted corporate image, change the way your customers view your brand.
  • Enhanced goodwill from the current and potential clients and stakeholders.
  • Better brand recognition & credibility.
  • Positive business reputation.
  • Increased revenue and customer loyalty.
  • Better financial performance.
  • Greater ability to attract talent and retain staff.
  • Improved organisational growth.

The Awards Objectives are;

  • RECOGNISE; To recognize and reward excellence in the digital tech industry and associated sectors.
  • ENCOURAGE; To encourage innovative solutions within the industry.
  • ENHANCE; To enhance quality standards.
  • PROMOTE; To promote confidence in the industry.
  • SAFEGUARD; To safeguard and strengthen the interest of stakeholders in the industry.
  • PROVIDE; To provide a strategic and reputable platform of interaction for the different stakeholders in the industry.


The Organisers

The Top 100 Digital Tech Companies Awards (Digital Tech 100) (Formally Digital Tech Excellence Awards) are organised by Digital Events Ltd in conjunction with an independent panel of judges drawn from digital tech consultants, academia, IT professional bodies, relevant government department representative, industry networks, and media. Digital Events Ltd have been in operation for seven (7) years and is a trusted name in organising and managing corporates events. In the last 5 years Digital Events have successfully organised the Annual Real Estate Excellence Awards (4 years running), The Automotive Industry Excellence Awards (3 years running), The Digital Tech Excellence Awards (5 years running) and The Health Sector Excellence Awards (2nd Year Running) . Our vision for the Awards is to become the most inspiring recognition for Digital Tech Based companies in Africa.



The awards are open to Kenyan company who are offering among other solutions in the market;

  • Business Management Solutions (ERP, CRM, Information Systems, POS, Management Systems, etc)
  • Modern Computing Solutions (Cloud Computing, IoT, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain, Data Science )
  • Modern Payments Solutions (Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Payments Integration) Etc
  • Mobile Solutions (Apps, Bulk SMS, USSD, tracking solutions )
  • Cyber Security Solutions
  • Communication Solutions
  • Modern Tech Hardware (PCs, Servers, computing gadgets, IT Infrastructure, etc)
  • Modern tech solutions ( Fintechs, Edtech,AgTech, HealthTech, On- Demand Solutions ,Mobile & Internet Solutions etc)
  • Telecommunication & Digital Identity Solutions
  • Web Design, SEO Solutions & Web Hosting Solutions
  • ISPs (Internet Services Provision)
  • Software Development
  • ICT Consulting




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